Monday, September 23, 2013

Stopping for a while

This is probably one of my Dad's two favorite musicians. U2 would be the other. I'd spend hours hearing Tori Amos's music being played around the house, whether I liked it or not. Haha, I kid. Hearing it pretty much since birth meant I had no choice but to like it. Honestly, the words are creepy weird but her music always sounds really nice to me. In this case, I just liked the theme of the music video and thought it would fit my post here.



Stopping for a while? Oh, yeah. I'm stopping for a while. Meant to tell you that. Well, stopping working on the Enclave storylines for a while, anyway! That's right! It's on to the Wild Lands now! I'm releasing 1.0 of The Journey Outside for the enjoyment of others, and officially stopping all work on current threads in order to introduce the Wild Lands and the much heard about bandits.

It'll start with the slave auction where you have no buyer and go from there. I'm looking forward to it!

So here it is.. the final release for the first third of The Journey Outside in its 90,000+ words glory. The second third, of course, will be the Wild Lands, and the final third the Forest Females.


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