Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Color of Cafe au Version Eight!

This video makes me think I need to own a corset or twelve! Fun fact.. two of my favorite movies are Moulin Rouge and Mamma Mia. I'm very fortunate, because any time I want to watch one of my favorite movies, my husband never complains! Apparently, he enjoys the "scenery" while I enjoy the story. I'm pretty sure if Amanda Seyfried came knocking on our door this afternoon, he'd leave me without a second thought. That's okay, though, because if Ewan McGregor comes knocking on my door, I'm out!

That's said, Pierce Brosnan's singing can still manage to run him out of the room every time. Can't really say I blame him for that one.

Who hires someone who absolutely can not sing to star in a musical?

Anyway! We're not here to talk Mamma Mia. We'll save that for another time. Right now, I have a present for everyone! That's right.. the official release of Version 8!

There are some.. distinct.. visual differences with this release, so please feel free to leave a comment here if you experience any trouble at all!

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