Monday, September 30, 2013

Quick update

I've been working on starting up the Wild Lands storyline, and I can tell you it's definitely going to be a much more.. intense path. I don't think I'm going to add any kind of disclaimer on it, given that the text does a pretty good job of warning Terry not to sabotage the auction, but I do wonder how some of the players are going to take it. I suspect some might really like it, and that's totally okay with me.

As I revealed in the TFGamesSite thread, it also is going to be the part of the story where M/M sex is going to happen. Again, there wno't be a disclaimer and it will be consensual. I know that some people are far more bothered by male on male sex than female on female, and I think that's totally wrong. There is same sex female sex in the game, and I always intended to have male on male sex. It just fits with the world. I think in some ways the Wild Lands will be just as people expect it to be, while in other ways it might be somewhat surprising.

I think of it as three different points on a line. In the center is the Enclave, while on the far right are the Forest Females and the far left are the Wild Land Bandits. That's not to say they are going to be examples of far right and far left politics in their societies, but there might be elements of it that show through. We'll see.

Anyway! I'm typing away. I am hoping for a release next week with the first path established. If that doesn't happen, it won't be any later than two weeks from now. No worries, though - I'll be updating here again before that!

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