Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Version 6 Released!

Prince - Get Off - MyVideo

I have spent far too much time loving this video. That a man who is all of five feet can drip so much sex just knocks me outta my shoes!

There are some fun elements to discover that I enjoyed writing, enjoying the chance to smack someone and, potentially, end up paying for it. I'll leave it to the player to find it.

Some elements are still pretty linear, but there will be other options added later. I have to keep myself somewhat focused, and that's one way that I can do it.

We've gotten up to around 63,000 words, which makes it around 30-35% of what I've estimate would be needed for a final version. Luckily, I'm still really enjoying working on it. The world is complicated enough and the paths varied enough that there is always something to catch my interest for writing.

As always, thanks to all those playing the adventure, and I hope it continues to be enjoyable as I keep working on it. Best wishes to all.


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