Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Plot Thickens!

I hope no one is really offended by my including videos with my posts. They are just things that capture my attention at that moment, and kind of reflect my mood at that time or things that had happened. The above video, "Otherside," is one that my husband pointed out to me that I really fell in love with. It makes me wish I could do more visual stuff.


We're not here to talk videos.

We're here to talk The Journey Outside. Well, I hope we are, anyway. If you're here to talk about iCarly, that's a different blog.

This is the delayed release that I skipped last week, other than a sloppy preview. I'm running into a lot of "to be continued with the Wild Lands" endings at this point.. and that's a good thing! I'm excited to take us into the Wild Lands and have everyone meet all the happenings there.

It's going to be hairy. We're talking anarchy, chaos, death, war..

Yeah, an entire war. That'll be interesting to write!

So as I reach more and more "To be continued" endings, that's going to leave two significant areas. The Forest Women and the Wild Lands and its bandits. That means that the next update is going to focus on completing the Forest Women lines, expanding it and adding details. That will make sure that I don't have to split the difference between the two competing stories.

Also, I am aware that the male path you're going to experience is pretty stream-lined right now. That's for two reasons. One, most of the choices on that path are going to occur once you head to and arrive at the Wild Lands, and those choices are going to be pretty radically different. Also, it's because there an entirely separate path where you choose to travel with Barbara rather than Coren, and that will include many variations.

Just remember that this is a work in progress and, at this point, is still far more complete in my mind than in writing. I'm looking forward to changing that and hope you come along for the ride, but this is still very much Beta.

OK, on with the show!

Download version 7: The Journey Outside v7

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