Monday, August 12, 2013

Am I Wrong.. to delay a release?

^^ I was reminded of this song while talking with someone I consider to be a definite friend. Had to share it, so listen and enjoy. Or not. Either way.

I wanted to post up that the release this week is going to be exclusive to this blog, since it hasn't made nearly the progress that I was hoping for. Not for lack of effort - It's just proven to be both more detailed and more challenging to get exactly right. There's a lot of plot and world-building as I move into what I consider to be the second act. The male path will be more clear, the Forest Female path will be more defined, and the brothel path will lead up to a rather critical encounter that I won't spoil here.

In other words, things are starting to come together rather than being entirely separate. Terry is starting to have an effect on the world around her/him, depending on when and where she/he ends up.

It's been fun to write, without a doubt, but I really want to make sure to get it as right as I'm capable of.

So anyway, if you're interested in seeing where it's going, take a look here Tuesday or Wednesday. If you'd rather wait until it's more complete, that's totally okay as well! Either way, hopefully it will end up satisfying!

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