Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Good news everyone!

I've been stuck on an incredibly inconvenient 3pm-11pm schedule for the past few weeks. This, naturally, is a great way to write off an entire day of productivity.

Not to mention challenging to find time to spend with loved ones.

That being said, I have figured out a way for me to keep working on The Journey Outside while at work. It lets me get in at least a few passages a night as opposed to none.

So there is that.

I honestly like the idea of spending a decent amount of time over the next few months writing everything out that I have in my head. Hopefully, at the end people will enjoy it even more than they are now. I think I'll make history over at TFGamesSite as being the first person to complete their very first project.

Kidding, of course, but not far off from the truth. Inspiration can be such a fickle bitch.

But we worship her anyway.

Look for a preview release Friday at the latest. Also, seriously considering superheroes for my next venture.

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